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"John Lewis" by Toni Presha


"Getting Into MY Good Trouble

Continuing the Legacy of Congressman John Lewis”


In 2022 the Atlanta Quilt Festival embarked on a three-year trilogy of exhibits designed to honor the life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis. Congressman Lewis represented the Georgia 5th Congressional district where the Atlanta Quilt Festival is based. In addition to his great work in the Civil Rights Movement, he loved quilts.


In 2022 the Atlanta Quilt Festival premiered “Good Trouble Quilts — Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Congressman John Lewis”. The quilts focused on the life and accomplishments of John Lewis.  


In 2023 the Atlanta Quilt Festival premiered Part 2 of the John Lewis trilogy entitled “Thank you John Lewis! I am Your Wildest Dream!” The quilts expressed joy and gratitude for the beauty and benefits of the quilters’ lives because of his work.


In 2024 the Atlanta Quilt Festival will premier “Getting into MY Good Trouble — Continuing the Legacy of Congressman John Lewis”, the final exhibit in the trilogy. The quilts will capture in cloth the work that remains to be done tocontinue to work toward the beloved community. The exhibit opens August 2, 2024, at the Southwest Arts Center, 915 New Hope Road, South Fulton, GA 30331 with a private VIP reception for quilters and AQF partners and sponsors and ends August 25, 2024.


 John Lewis made America a better place to live, and his work benefitted all Americans. Part 3 of the trilogy seeks quilts that express how we may continue his legacy. Progress has been made, but there is much that remains to be done. What change do you think is needed to make the world a better place? It could involve voting, sports, education, housing, money, equal rights,abortion, criminal justice reform, etc. Imagine the beloved community and think about what issue would get you off your couch and catapult you into action. We must learn to tell our own stories, and every story is important. You may also want to read John Lewis’s book “Carry On – Reflections For a New Generation” to inform your creativity. We must learn to tell our own stories, and every story is important.


Your quilt should not be larger than 60 inches wide. It must be a fiber quilt with a label and a four-inch sleeve on the back. All techniques welcome.  It must be delivered to the Atlanta Quilt Festival by June 1, 2024 and be available for display until September 8, 2024. The exhibit may travel in 2025. If so, you will be asked to sign a loan agreement if you want to participate in the traveling exhibit.


Take some time with the title and the story behind your quilt. Acceptance will be based on the beauty of your quilt and the story behind it.


To submit your quilt, send a photo with the title, dimensions, techniques, and story of your quilt to Or submit online at under the enter your quilt tab after February 15, 2024. Please submit as soon as possible but no later than June 1. 2024. We can only accept 30 quilts.

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