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Beginning Free Motion Quilting – Pat Batine, Teacher

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Place: Southwest Arts Center

Fee: $50.00


Have you ever wondered how quilters get those pointy points or how they piece intricate pictures. They probably use the paper piecing method of quilting. Learn to take your quilts to the next level in a class taught by Valerie Hunter. As an added bonus you will also learn how to piece curves. 

Supply List

Fabric Requirements:

(The following gives the total amount of fabric needed to complete this mini quilt measuring 15” x 15”)

3/4 yd.   Orange Spikes

1  yd.   Yellow Background

1/2 yd.   Black Corners

3/8 yd.   Center

1/4 yd.   Metallic Gold

3/4 yd.   Backing

3/4 yd.   Batting

1  yd.   Binding


This picture depicts one color (orange print) for spikes but, you may use multiple solid colors or prints. However, the background color should be a solid to make the spikes pop

Hardware Needed

Sewing Machine

Scissors for paper and fabric

Straight Pins

Cutting Mat at least 12” x 12”

Iron and Ironing Mat

Straight Edge Cutting Ruler at least 8” long

Surge Strip



Continental Breakfast and Lunch is included.

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