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2019 Winners

African American Heritage Quilts

1st Place - “Hands of Gold” by Jan Hollins

2nd Place -  “Ready For Sunday School” by Odessa Huff

3rd Place - “Phenomenal Women Mathematicians” by Michelle Willis

Honorable Mention - “A Noble Idea” by Teresa Cook

Art Quilts

1st Place - “African Royalty” by Peggy Martin

2nd Place -  “Calla Lily Lady” by Carolyn White

3rd Place - “Fear Lies: Love Abides” by Debbie Steinmann

Honorable Mention - “A Quiet Walk” by Jan Hollins

Traditional Quilt Winners

1st Place - “Feathered Star” by Mary Wright

2nd Place -  “Jambalaya #2” by Jennifer Morris

3rd Place - “Bargello Peacock” by Brenda Shelby

Honorable Mention - “Kim McLean Star” by Brenda Shelby