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Hand Printing and Stamping Textiles - Marquetta Bell Johnson, Teacher

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

Place: Southwest Arts Center

Fee: $30.00


Textile Artist and Quilter, Marquetta Johnson, will guide participants in an exploration of Stamping and Hand Printing designed to empower art-makers in the creation of their own unique and original fabrics. Inspired by the design and artistry of traditional African textile artists, participants will create Faux Kente Cloth, Mud Cloth, Adinkra Cloth and Kuba Cloth.


We will also delve into Geometric Non-objective design processes. A demonstration of how to create hand-carved stamps and printing plates, along with a demonstration of the printing and stamping process will empower participants to create their own distinctive textiles and stamps.

$20 kit fee payable to the teacher on the day of class. Continental breakfast and lunch included. Nothing to bring but your smile.