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2018 Winners

Art Quilt Winners

1st Place — “Octavia Reaches the Light” by Vickie Lord

2nd Place — “Fruit of Her Labor” by Jan Hollins

3rd Place — “Calm” by Melinda Rushing

Honorable Mention — “Day Lily” by Nina Moore

African American Heritage Winners

1st Place — “The African Sun” by Janice Daniel

2nd Place — “Childhood Memories II” by Joyce Daniels

3rd Place — “Arising” by Linda Martin

Honorable Mention - Untitled by Janet Saboor

Traditional Quilt Winners

1st Place — “LaPassagalia with Appliqué” by Brenda Shelby

2nd Place — “Clothesline” by Marquetta Johnson

3rd Place — “Dragon’s Pearl” by Melinda Rushing

Honorable Mention — “Hey Fishy” by Carolyn White

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